Double faucet mixer-silver

699.00 SR

Discount 100 SR when you buy the product with home desalination filter
• Easy to install.
• Two forms of water flow.
• Rotatable 360 degrees.
• Two colors matte black and matte chrome.
• Water consumption is 3.6 liters per minute.
• 1*3cold and hot washing outlet and desalination outlet.
• Holds the highest rating in water conservation (A).
• Flexibility of the washing port and its retractability.
• The possibility of installing the mixer on the sink without the need for additional punching of the tap of the desalination device.


• 2 hose size 1/2 * 1/8 inch.
• Dual hose size 1/4 inch
• Net weight is 1.5 kg.