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Naqi SilverQ 7 Desalination Device

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Product Description

The first stage (Cotton filter):

It consists of a cotton candle made of polypropylene that purifies up to 5 microns as it removes solid impurities such as sand, clay, algae and rust.

The second stage (granular carbon):

Made of thermally activated carbon, its function is to remove dissolved gases and treat water from unwanted substances such as chlorine, taste, smell and color.

Third stage (carbon steel)

It is made of carbon steel with pores of 1 micron and its function is to remove the smallest impurities before the water enters the fourth stage.

The fourth stage (filter of salts):

It is a unit known as a membrane. It has very fine and narrow pores up to 0.0001 microns, where it works on the osmosis property and removes bacteria by 100%, salts and heavy metals by 96% as an expulsion rate called mechanical expulsion, which does not use any chemicals

The fifth stage (post carbon)

A carbon filter made from coconut shells removes any unpleasant odor or taste after the water stored in the tank.

The sixth stage (minerals)

A group of volcanic rocks contains a calcite unit that supplies water with salts and minerals needed by the body.

The seventh stage (alkaline filter)

An alkaline filter balances the alkalinity of water (PH).


Product manufacturing:

Made in China according to Naqi company specifications and standards.

Device accessories

1- 7 liter tank 2- Faucet 3- Liters
4-(source valve)
5- House Key
6- Tank valve
8- A mounting base for the buzzard
9-(screws with ring)
10- Dual pipe
11- Catalogue.


* Two-year warranty on electrical parts
• Free service for 5 years on breakdowns and smuggling (technician’s fee).



Structure materials Height 48 Width 36 Depth 21
Tank dimensions height 38 Width 25
Tank capacity Net stored water 7 litres
water entering pressure 14.5-58 psi
water tempreture 5-38°C
Power 220 – 240 V
Frequency HZ 60 – 50
Ability 40 W
productivity 300 L/D
Country of origin Made in China according to Naqi company specifications and standards.


It is a healthy and safe home desalination device that is installed under the sink
It eliminates the need to buy packaged bottles. It consists of 7 stages
75 gallons per day produces the equivalent of 16 bottles

Device features:

• Luxury faucet
Water pressure Watch
Floor mounting base
Free cooler cover
The seventh stage of balancing the alkalinity of water (PH)
Powerful pump with a capacity of up to 130 PSI to speed up the desalination process

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