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Is the device leaking water?

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Is the device giving out a taste or smell?

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Is the device not giving out water or weak?

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Does the device drain water and electricity?

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Frequently Asked Questions

We love transparency and dealing with taste, we have prepared clear answers to all your inquiries


What is the shape of the desalination device after installation

Depends on the type of device, many devices are of the type that is installed under the kitchen sink as in the following figure:

How do I order Naqi desalination device to my home?

You have two ways:

1. using the shopping cart in our store

2 - by providing us with your mobile number via the link


 How are our prices, are they cheap or high .

What distinguishes Naqi is its keenness to provide the best product with the best quality with the best service at the lowest possible price.
And in general the prices depend on the specifications of the chosen product. 


Where are the cities that Naqi provides services to?

Thanks to Allah, our services include more than 150 cities and provinces in our beloved Kingdom, and if you know if we offer our services in your city or province, you can appreciate it through the link :


Does the desalination device cool the water?

Of course, the function of the desalination device does not focus on desalinating and purifying water, and if you want to cool the water, we have special coolers for desalination devices that you can order independently

Is the desalination device healthy and safe?

Yes, of course, for the following reasons:

  1. Thanks to God, our rational government provides homes with Safe Drinking Water, what affects the water is the bad pipes in the house as well as the tanks and their uncleanness, as well as the difference in the rate of salts from one house to another.
  2. All our desalination devices contain at least 6 filters that mainly seek to get rid of water pollutants, and the additional value of reverse osmosis desalination plants lies in their ability to get rid of dissolved solids in water, including salts.


American, Taiwanese or Chinese?

The country of manufacture has no influence on the quality of the device, all Naqi devices are manufactured according to the specifications, standards and quality of Naqi, and all devices are under the care and warranty of Naqi against factory errors for two years and 5 years of free service, so you don't have to worry


What is the nationality of the technicians?

All technicians are specialists of various Arab nationalities.


Are the technicians qualified?

We have a strict training policy with approximately 200 training hours, after which the technician undergoes strict tests to ensure the eligibility of any technician before his job accreditation 


Where is Naqi's stores and head office?

Thanks to God, there is no store or exhibition for pure, pure depends in its sales policies on selling (online) such as Amazon, noon and Souq.. In order to reduce the price of the product as much as possible.
Naqi's management site as well as customer service is in Olaya, north of Riyadh

You can search on Google map “Naqi water desalination " and kindly visit us


 When do I have to change my filter and how much do they cost? .

Regular maintenance is every 6 months, in which the first, second and third stages are changed, and after a year a change of the fifth, sixth and seventh stages (if any) is added to it, and after two years a change of the fourth stage is added to it

6 months maintenance: Stages 1,2, and 3 At a price of 120 riyals the price includes tax and installation

One year maintenance: The fifth stage at a price of 75 riyals, 7-stage devices (stage 5 and 6) at a price of 135 riyals, 7-stage devices (stage 5, 6 and 7) at a price of 175 the price includes tax and installation

Two years maintenance: Changing the fourth stage (filter salts) at a price of 158 riyals the price includes tax and installation


How much sweet water does the device produce?

The device produces between 240-300 liters of sweetened water per day, i.e. between 12 to 18 large water bottles


How long does the device need to fill the tank that comes with it

The speed depends on the level of cleanliness of the house water, but in general the device can fill between 15-20 liters in about 15-20 minutes


How much salinity after installing the device?

The device desalinates and purifies water from salts up to approximately 50-120 TDS to be pure and drinkable

Salts can also be completely stopped as the body compensates for salts from different meals